Holistic Treatments in Manchester, held at the beautiful Blueprint Studios M3 7DQ. Email "hello@takeabreatherwithchris.com" for more details. 

Treatments available:

Hopi Ear Candling/Thermo Auricular Therapy: No syringing, that's bad! Perfect for tired ears, stuffy heads, colds, flu and stress. Bathes your vocal chords and promotes calmness with a gentle none evasive holistic treatment combining heat, smoke and natural Biosun ingredients. Helps reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. Complete with face/head massage to flush away toxins. The perfect energy balancer. 60 minute treatment. 

Indian Head Massage:  Practiced in Indian family rituals for thousands of years. Concentrating on the head, face, neck and shoulders relieving stress, tension, strains and pains. 60 minute & 30 minute treatments. 

Reiki Healing:  Stress reduction & relaxation. Restoring physical and mental well-being. With added use of healing crystals to balance your chakras. 60 minute & 30 minute treatments available.