Take A Breather talks... Manchester Music Creative Collective

I was chuffed to be invited down to the Manchester Music Creative Collective last Wednesday. They hold monthly events, brimming with Manchester's music industry folk, up and coming artists, established acts, DJ's, you name it! 

I was asked to join the panel and give a talk about keeping yourself tip top, fit & healthy in this crazy music business black hole. As some of you may be aware, I'm a musician myself, I worked in a very well known recording studio for 11 years, have been playing gigs since the age of 14 and still gig and DJ weekly, so I was buzzing to be able to chat about my two favourite things, rock n roll holistic's! 

Mental health is a massive subject at the moment, especially in music, and especially in men. It's great to see the taboo that is mental health being talked about so openly. 

I think there's a bit of a stigma with musicians, cool dudes in bands, people think "how can they be depressed, they get to play cool gigs on stage and look well cool and be famous! They have nothing to complain about, their life is well better than mine!" however, the reality is, mental health problems can hit anyone at anytime, even the wealthiest, instagram happy most healthy looking people. There's actually a lot of stresses and pressures within the music industry, touring and gigging isn't easy, financial panic, constantly around drugs & alcohol, trying to keep your head up can be hard. The best advice I can give? TALK! If you're feeling rubbish, speak to your band, your manager, tour manager, they're your family, especially when you're on tour. Try and eat well, drink a little less booze (if possible!) and allocate a tiny portion of your day to you, go for a walk, a swim, a run, 10 minutes headspace meditation, anything! 

This event was great and it's something I'm extremely passionate about, I also set my massage chair up and did some 10 minute treatments with everyone there, it was lovely to meet and chat to everyone after. 

Look forward to doing more of this kind of thing soon!

Chris x

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