Mental Health Awareness Week 2018


It's only been 2 months since my last blog post and we've gone from knee deep in snow to 20 degrees sunshine, the canal is SO NICE in this weather, boat life is as beautiful as ever and treatments are going great! 

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 so I thought I would write a few words. It's so so good to see people talking about their own experiences, experiences of friends & loved ones, offering a loving hand, a shoulder to cry on and letting everyone know that it's ok to talk! 

I totally understand how important it is to look after yourself, there is no right or wrong answer or cure, you do what feels good for you. Exercise, eat well? A nice walk, socialising with friends? Colouring in..  Anything!  

I'm going to set myself a little task for the following month - I'm going to meditate (using the amazing Headspace app) twice a day, morning and night and I'm going to start a gratitude diary, writing 4 simple things I've been grateful for that day. It's the little things!

I'll do another blog post in a month and let you know if I'm walking on the canal water! I'll share the gratitude diary with you too ! :)

Chris x