Snow Day!

What weather we're having! I've got to say, I do love it! The boat is covered in snow, I arrived back there last night after being away for a few days and practically had to dig my way in! The wind was so strong it felt like I was going to be launching Take A Breather With Chris into space. Lola didn't seemed fazed either!

The fires still on keeping everything toasty, however due to the accessibility and the wind, I'll be carrying on with my treatments on the water next week when the weather has calmed down a little. 

In the meantime, I'm going to make the most of being snowed in and decorate! The kitchen and bathroom have been done, just the lounge to do now. I love it! 

kitchen .jpg

Boaty kitchen!


...and   bathroom!

Lola is having a ball too....

Boat Winter.jpg

The first of my monthly mail-outs is going out this weekend too, there will be a different offer each month, you can sign up from my homepage :)

Stay safe, keep warm. 

Love Chris x