What's Going On? January 2018!

Hey! I really need to keep these blog posts regular, sorry - It's been a busy few months!

My last blog was posted September 27th 2017 titled "What's Going On?", I had just come out of full time employed and delved into the world of being self employed, and guess what.. I LOVE IT!

So what's been going on since I left full time employment at the recording studio? Here's a quick recap :)

  • Reflexology - I have just finished a 12 week VTCT Level 3 Reflexology course and I loved it so much! I've literally just handed in all my papers this week. 12 weeks, 100 hours of case studies and 2 physiology & anatomy papers later (which I got 77 & 82% on, really chuffed!). I've learnt so much doing this course, about the human body, how it works, and how everything is linked to the feet. It's a must have treatment to try if you have never had it before, and above all else, it's SO relaxing! 
  • Swedish Body Massage - As one course ends, another one starts! I have just started a 3 month ITEC Level 3 Swedish Body Massage course, there's lots of work to do and I'm getting stuck right in. I have to do more physiology & anatomy exams too as it's a different examining body to the Reflexology one, darn! Oh well - it's all learning hey! Also, my girlfriend and family are loving it as they got so many Reflexology treatments during my case studies, now they get a million full body massages too! 
  • Corporate On-Site Massage - This is a cool one! To keep myself busy I've been doing some corporate massage work, going to businesses doing on-site treatments for employees and their employers. I'm down in Liverpool this coming week setting my massage chair up in a staff canteen, that'll be fun. I think this is a great idea for busy stressful places of work, I really enjoy this!
  • Make A Ditty With Chris! - As well as being a holistic therapist, I also teach youngsters the guitar and have done for the past 8+ years. The lovely gang at the ace Boho Utopia creative cafe in Withington, Manchester have asked me to hold a fortnightly kids group guitar session. The first one was last week and it was so much fun! Classes of 5, ages 5+ and we had such a good time jamming, making some noise and getting youngsters enjoying music from a young age. The next one is Sunday 28th January and there is just 1 space left if you know anyone that would like to come and take part - here's the facebook event link for more info -
  • Treatments On The Water - This is a biggy! I'm extremely pleased to announce that I now have a business license for my beautiful narrowboat so I can now officially do my holistic treatments from here, SO exciting! It took a while waiting to get permission from the council, sending over business plans, having safety checks/examinations but everything is now ready to roll! Watch this space :) There is now a "Treatments On The Water" tab on my website with full info on what to expect when coming to my boat for a treatment, it's honestly the best location for a relaxing treatment! 

That's about it for the time being I think?! (Ha!) Plenty to keep me going - as I type this I'm just getting ready to head off to the Lake District where I'll be doing a days First Aid training. This really is a learning year! 

Please do feel free to share my Treatments On The Water tab from my website and tell your friends, spreading the word organically is the best thing and recommendations go a long way. Thanks! I'll keep you posted on what happens next :)

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