Singing Bowls & Sound Healing!

Last week I took part in a beautiful days workshop of working with Tibetan singing bowls and sound healing ran by a wonderful lady called Szilvia Gardian. As I'm also a musician, sound and sound therapy really interest me, I think it's amazing how different sounds vibrate and resonate with our bodies energies. It has been mentioned that Bob Marley (amongst others) was known for recording his music in a different frequency and vibration of 432 hz, which is mathematically consistent with the universe, helping us feel the music on an emotional level. 

I love my new handmade singing bowl and can't wait to start incorporating it into my treatments, thank you Szilvia!! 

How does Bob Marley like his donuts? With JAM IN!! 

Love Chris. x

Now where's my cerial?!

Now where's my cerial?!