Save The Males! Gender Equality In The Spa Industry.

Being a bloke, working as a Holistic Therapist, who also goes for regular massage treatments I thought this article from my friends at Bali Health Lounge was a nice little read

I also try and raise as much money as possible with my sponsored swims/runs for local based charity C.A.L.M which is a great charity aimed at preventing suicide in young males, the single biggest killer in men aged under 45 in the UK!

I'd actually say my client-base is pretty close to 50-50 male/female! 

I think my main point with this post is, I, knowing full well as I've been there, know what it's like for a chap not wanting to talk about health and looking after yourself, as it's not very "manly". It is though isn't it? It is manly! Looking after yourself mentally & physically is something everyone should be doing, male & female. End of. 

Check the article here: